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August 22, 2007


Mr. Game

It is Good!

Have a great time playing!


One thing that a lot of people have missed in this recent economic down turn is the fact that in-game money for all of the massive mutliplayer online role playing games has not been effected. I guess it just shows how strong and stable the computer game industry really is.
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This is a really good and enjoyable game I must say. The young ones are simply loving it. :)

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kids are attracted to these games and they find it very exciting and it has to be their favs. goood

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nice... i was looking for a timepass..

World of Warcraft Account

Had a good time playing these games

World of Warcraft Account

wahgames is a good site for playing games, i really enjoyed...

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good post, i'll try this website. thanks for posting..


Welcome! playing these games!


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