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January 01, 2008


S Guha Banerjee

Politics in name of Buddhism.

A Soka Gakkai member in Hyd, who was very much into the practice and had full faith in the members who she called her family, received no support from them when she was in dire straits. The whole gakkai family of Hyderebad chapter did not even bother to come and stand by her when she actually needed them.

A 32 year old,who believed in the Gakkai family blindly, after receiving no support,got absolutely disheartened. She died on 7th of Dec 2007 suddenly.

Is this the way, Gakkai talks about compssion and support????

I need an answer?? I am her sister and i am absolutely shocked at this behaviour of the Gakkai org.
If her Gakkai stood by her, she would have been alive today.

Yours Truly

???What the...

Mark Rogow

Dear Guha:

Sorry to hear about your sister. That is the problem with the Soka Gakka. They talk about world peace as if they were the only group of individuals who cherish peace but they can't even offer peace to their seriously ill youthful members who need their support. They are hypocrites of the worst sort.



I am truely sorry to hear of your loss. I am a Soka Gakkai member. My grandmother (non-buddhist)was very ill some years ago and I recieved tremendous support from my chapter. There was not one person from her church that offered any support. I cannot speak for all people but to assume that all of our members are hypocrites and heartless would be an injustice. I am sure that your loved one will recieve her benefit in the next life. My prayers go out to you and I will include your sister in my prayers.


Thank you mr. ichantdaimoku. i have the same feeling as you.

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