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February 14, 2008


Trevor Loughlin

I don't agree that the first four classic bunnymen albums, or the Noel Burke fronted Reverberation album, have ANY weak tracks. "All I Want" is just great. Evergreen is pretty consistent as well. Everything past that, along with a lot of the Electrafixion tracks, does have a lot of filler, but the gems in the filler more than make up for it. And even these albums are have no more filler than conventional much vaunted albums, such as the Verve's Urban Hymns for example-it's just that we have been spoiled by the perfect, seamless early albums. The only bands that work (close) to that stratospheric level with more consistancy were the UK Chameleons, and in the modern era, Elbow. The reason they had limited fame and rewards was NOT any serious lack of consistancy, but spinal tap style backstabbing, excess and line-up changes along with Mac's crooner pretentions, culminating in the "What are you going to do with your life" album disaster-not to mention that dreadful world cup song with the spice girls. Also Mac's smoking habit has made that once angelic voice an unreliable instrument-sometimes he is on operatic form, other times raw and harsh.

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